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The Recime Difference

Recime exists to simplify the way businesses create and maintain great chatbots.

Recime End-to-end Platform

True End-to-End Chatbot Platform

The Recime chatbot platform combines our experience in creating award-winning UI builders and developer tools with advanced AI bot engines, analytics and cloud infrastructure to give enterprises everything they need to build intelligent chatbots quickly.

Recime chatbot platform knows your team

Recime Knows Your Team. No New Skills Required.

Digital innovation managers and marketers will grasp the codeless Bot Builder in no time. Developers and IT will appreciate the familiar programming languages and platforms when customizing, testing and deploying bots. The integrated dashboard will help you manage your team and chatbot performance.

Recime chatbot platform offers security and performance without the hassle

Security and Performance Without the Hassle

Recime provides you with excellent performance, scalability and security, without the need to setup anything. This is possible, because of unique Recime capabilities – each chatbot runs inside serverless functions, in its own dedicated runtime environment and stack, which we create, configure and maintain for you.

Why Brands Choose Recime

Customer Data with Recime, Chatbot Development Platform

Using Customer Data to Customize Conversations

Recime clients love the option to feed their chatbots with data from their existing CRMs, allowing them to enhance the conversations with customer- specific details. In addition, these conversations allow brands to improve their customer profiles with additional insights about each customer and/or segment.

Customer Channels with Recime, Chatbot Development Platform

Reaching Customers on the Channels They Use

The companies we’ve talked to tell us that their customers want to use their own channels to interact with the brand. This is why Recime supports all popular messenger platforms to help companies and their customers interact with each other. The best part: no code is required to deploy a bot across all channels with Recime.

User Experience with Recime, Chatbot Development Platform

Users Love the Experience!

The ability to analyze conversations and train the bot to properly respond to specific user queries, plus the option to visually customize the chatbot* to fit the company’s brand requirements are having a profound effect on users – they love it!

*Recime is one of the few platforms which offers white-labeling.

A Few Brands We Are Working With


Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry

All-in-One Platform for Building Great Chatbots

Bot Creation Tools

  • Codeless Bot Builder for marketers and digital innovation managers
  • Command-line interface (Recime CLI) for extending the chatbot and integrating it into existing enterprise solutions, for developers

Bot Customization Through

  • Recime CLI
  • JavaScript, TypeScript or ECMAScript 6
  • Reusable custom modules
  • Templates by industry (coming soon)

Test and Host Chatbots on

  • Recime cloud infrastructure
    (99.5% uptime with data protection)
  • Your private cloud

Deploy Across

  • Your website(s)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • Viber
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Kik
  • WeChat
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp (coming soon)
  • Auto-deploy across all channels with one click

Improve Your Conversations

  • Use customer data from your:
    • CRM
    • CMS
    • Database(s)
  • Analyze conversation performance with
  • Train your bot manually

Enterprise Features

  • Reliability and scalability (SLA 99.5%)
  • Human takeover
  • Push conversations (message broadcasting)
  • White labeling
  • Source code availability
  • Handle millions of users at once
  • Dedicated support
  • GitHub integration
  • We’ll build the bot for you. Contact us.

Big Brand? Let Us Create an AI Chatbot for You!

If your resources are limited, we can help. We partner with the best agencies to build chatbots to your exact specifications.

Contact us at:

Michael Dunworth

“We looked at a lot of chatbot platforms. Recime and their team were the only ones that we found who knew their stuff across the board, and it was a no-brainer for us. The Recime team understood our requirements and built a great Facebook Messenger and WeChat chatbot that integrated into the Wyre service. Recime crushed it!”