Quickly build polished, user-friendly bot applications, within an simple and powerful development environment. Recime combines the power of a bot framework with developer tools and cloud infrastructure to let you be more productive and save you hours from having to set up your workflow.


Recime dramatically decreases the time it takes you to package and deploy bots across clients like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, and others using one code base. Recime saves you significant time and effort when building for multiple platforms without having to redo the work letting you focus on developing your unique experience.


Recime gives you the flexibility to scale your bot to match your current needs without having to manage servers. With Recime you can easily integrate with 3rd party plugins and all bots are deployed with their own AWS Lambda serverless computing instance.

The Recime Advantage:

See how easy it is to build and deploy a bot on Recime.

"Recime lets you build, deploy, test and scale up in a few simple steps via one command line interface — it is the fastest way to go from idea to program, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches and getting your bot out to the world.”

Recime was built for Developers by Developers. Deploy and run bots on today's most innovative Platform as a Service.

The Recime Platform

Developer Features

  • Recime Runtime: Your bots runs inside serverless functions. We create the stack and the environment for you - configuration, security, load, api , function and more.

  • Quick to Learn: Accelerate your development by using the web technologies you already know, TypeScript & ECMAScript 6 (JavaScript ++) to develop cross-platform bots.

  • Share Code: Maintain a single codebase and share between multiple platforms for maximum productivity.

  • Code and Rollback: Work confidently - Recime build's system let you rollback your back to previous stage when for some reason the build failed or exited abruptly.

  • Github Integration (soon): Seamless GitHub integration meaning your bot can be setup to auto-deploy with every GitHub push to a branch of your choosing.

  • Extensible: Easily reuse existing plugins from npm is the single biggest package manager with over 150K+ modules.

  • Plugins: Extend and enhance your bot by using third-party plugins for natural language processing, analytics and more.

  • Serverless: Recime bots are serverless functions, every bot is running in its own container backed by AWS Lambda.

Recime is the best way for any company to create secure and scalable enterprise-quality bots.

Recime for the Enterprise

Enterprise Features

  • Scalable: Recime bots are highly scalable and are able to handle millions of requests in mission critical scenarios.

  • Dedicated Stack: Each bot runs on its own dedicated runtime environment and stack for enhanced security, power and performance.

  • Team and Resource Monitoring (soon): Manage your team, monitor bot performance, resource usage and version control all from one single dashboard.

  • Strong Backend: Recime is backed by AWS services with confidence that your bots are running on an industry leading service and load tested backend.

  • Data Protection: Secure container and AWS KMS (Key Management Service) for maximum security and end-to-end encryption provide you with a peace of mind and safety.

  • Enterprise-grade Support: Highly responsive SLAs with our expert help providing you best practice guides and tips, architecture design, white-glove onboarding, and much more.

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