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The chatbot platform developers love, with the enterprise
features large companies need.

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Enterprise-grade Support

Increase Customer Engagement

Create amazing user experience by releasing the same chatbot on multiple channels.

Team and Resource Monitoring

Free Your Team

Focus on building chatbots users love with speed and efficiency. Free your team to be creative and elevate your brand.

Enterprise Reliability and Scalability

Develop and deploy chatbots with the enhanced reliability and scalability enterprises require and expect.


Recime is the quickest way for any company to use automated chatbots. Chatbots can automate and improve your sales funnel, customer service, promotions, content distribution and can extend your existing service. Recime enables companies to easily build chatbots that immediately start producing value.

Your Customers are in many
different channels.
So Should You.

Your customers use many different messaging channels. Build an enterprise grade chatbot once and deploy it in multiple channels. No extra code required. Just simplicity and reliability.

Enterprise Bot Channels

How Recime Helps Enterprise Teams

When you are approaching deadlines, you need an infrastructure, a service
you can trust on and the ability to manage your team all in one place. Money Transfer Chatbot

Let your Team be Productive with Familiar Languages

Code in with your familiar web development technologies, ECMAScript 6, TypeScript and JavaScript. Your team does not have to learn new languages and can get to building right away.

Data Protection

Serverless allows you to Scale with Ease

Recime runs your chatbot inside serverless functions. We create the stack and the environment for you. That means no more having to setup configuration, security, load, api, function etc…

Strong Backend

Dedicated Stack Powers Your Chatbot

Each chatbot runs in its own dedicated runtime environment and stack and for enhanced security, power and performance. Efficiency at its finest.


Team and Resource Monitoring

Manage your team, monitor chatbot performance, usage and version control from one single dashboard. It’s all there to make it convenient and manageable for your team.

Why Enterprises Choose Recime

Recime for Enterprise provides a simple, easy to use, and powerful set of features to manage
your enterprise chatbot development processes, resources, and users.

Strong Backend

Don’t worry about your chatbots not being responsive under heavy loads. Your chatbots can handle thousands or millions of users at once because they run in highly scaleable environments.

Data Protection

All chatbot and user data stored in Recime is protected and secure. If you want the added assurance of hosting your own data, Recime offers onsite private cloud support.

Enterprise-grade Support

When it comes to support, we’re here to help you. Our SLA offers 99.5% uptime and dedicated support. We’re here to make sure your chatbot is up and working for you.

“We looked at a lot of the chatbot platforms to explore that encompass multiple messenger services, but primarily WeChat. Recime and their team were the only ones that we found who knew their stuff across the board, and it was a no-brainer for us. The Recime team understood our requirements and built a great Facebook Messenger and WeChat chatbot that integrated into the Wyre service. Recime crushed it!”

Michael Dunworth, CEO AT WYRE

Big Brand? Let us make an AI chatbot for you!

Let us handle building the chatbot for you. Send us an inquiry below and we’ll help you create a bot that elevates your brand.

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