Chatbots for the Financial and Banking Industry

with Recime Enterprise Chatbot Platform

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What Recime Can Do for Banks and Financial Services

Automate customer support

Automate customer support, product services, promotions, and content delivery. If needed, a human may take over the conversation.

Data Protection

Securely feed your chatbot with data from any banking solution, financial backend, CRM and/or database.

Deploy chatbots on every platform

Build a single chatbot and deploy it on the messengers/ channels your customers already use, incl. your website(s).

Deploy the chatbot in the secure Recime cloud

Deploy the chatbot in the secure Recime cloud (99.9% uptime) or on premise.

Encrypt and obfuscate private data

Encrypt and obfuscate private data.

Monitor Chatbot Performance

Monitor chatbot performance, usage and version control from one single dashboard.

Coming soon: chatbot templates for the banking sector.
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The Recime Difference

Recime exists to simplify the way businesses create and maintain great chatbots. Brands using Recime chatbots immediately see the value of the service.

What Can Chatbots Do for the Banking and Financial Industry Money Transfer Chatbot

24/7 Customer Service
Provide automated 24/7 customer service with minimal human involvement.
Enterprise-grade Support
Automate account queries (such as opening an account, updating account info, balance inquiries and others).
Handle service and product requests
Handle service and product requests (incl. applications for loans and requests for deposits, money transfers, lost/stolen cards, etc.)
Notifications with Recime
Engage your customers. Send out offers, alerts and other notifications, incl. due payments.
Buy/sell requests
Take care of buy/sell requests.
Michael Dunworth
“We looked at a lot of the chatbot platforms to explore that encompass multiple messenger services, but primarily WeChat. Recime and their team were the only ones that we found who knew their stuff across the board, and it was a no-brainer for us. The Recime team understood our requirements and built a great Facebook Messenger and WeChat chatbot that integrated into the Wyre service. Recime crushed it!”
Michael Dunworth, CEO AT WYRE

What To Expect After Successful Chatbot Deployment

High Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

Your users will be able to find what they need faster, via the channels they use daily. Your users don’t have to install a separate mobile application.

Lower Development Costs

There is no need to create and maintain a stand-alone mobile application. Plus, a single code base ensures that all of your deployed chatbots are always up to date.

Lower Support Costs

The chatbot can handle at least 30% of your support load with proper setup. You will also notice less time is needed for form filling – your customers will do the legwork for you.

Reach Users Immediately

Use push notifications for important news and promos – there is no need to update mobile apps and websites.

Free Your Marketing Team

Updating the chatbot is easy, which means more time for your team to be creative and elevate your brand.

More Customer Insights

You will know what engages your customers the most.

Your Customers are in many
different channels.
So Should You.

Your customers use many different messaging channels. Build an enterprise grade chatbot once and deploy it in multiple channels. No extra code required. Just simplicity and reliability.

Enterprise Bot Channels

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